SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Tapingo, a mobile platform for local commerce, today announced that it is expanding to 100 new markets this spring and summer.

Tapingo brings on-demand technology to 100 new markets
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Primarily serving universities and surrounding areas, Tapingo’s mobile app enables users to order food and local goods in advance for pickup or on-demand delivery. With its most recent wave of expansion, the company will now serve approximately 25% of major four-year universities in the USA.

Tapingo typically enters new regions by signing exclusive partnerships with universities, rapidly building an engaged user base.

“We achieve profitability within 21 days of launching a new market,” explains Tapingo’s CEO and founder Daniel Almog. “A typical user will transact five times per week.” Almog also notes that by the end of the year, Tapingo will host more than three million transactions every month.

This high engagement has enabled Tapingo to quickly establish itself as the go-to commerce app in the vast majority of its geographic markets. “We’ve succeeded in becoming the de facto ‘buy button’ on campus,” says Almog. “And that has given us a foundation for serving the local community in all of our markets.”

Responding to a question about Tapingo’s key to success, Almog indicates that it starts with providing maximum convenience for the consumer and building from there. “Whether you’re grabbing coffee on the go between classes or need a burrito delivered to your apartment after midnight, Tapingo gets you what you want - where and when you want it,” he says.

Capturing these purchasing behaviors creates a network effect that allows Tapingo to keep costs extremely low and generate immense value for both consumers and merchants. The company has officially partnered with local brands as well as national chains like Chipotle, Taco Bell, and 7-Eleven to provide a full suite of services for its users.

When asked about Tapingo’s future plans, Almog underscores the opportunity provided by tightly networked markets. “We want to make buying better for everyone,” he says. “But we understand that this is a marathon, not a sprint. The right approach has to combine strong growth with sustainable unit economics.”

Tapingo’s community is looking forward to the company’s continued growth and expansion. “Tapingo has transformed life on campus,” says Lauren O’Neil, a senior at the University of Southern California. “I’m excited to see what they do next.”


Founded in 2012, Tapingo is the leading mobile-commerce app that dramatically improves the life of students and shifts behavior in a practical way. Working with campuses to enhance the student experience, Tapingo integrates with campus technology to offer a range of commerce products. Tapingo processes tens of thousands of transactions per day, and the average user utilizes the service more than five times per week.

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About the Tapingo Partner Ecosystem

At Tapingo, we fundamentally believe that technology should create a win-win situation. The implementation of Tapingo’s mobile commerce capabilities on college campuses demonstrates this philosophy by giving consumers a better way to buy, while increasing throughput and driving the bottom line for operators. We work closely with a broad range of forward-looking campuses, foodservice industry leaders, and national and regional brands to bring our customers what they want - where, when, and how they want it! The Tapingo Partner Ecosystem includes such companies as Chipotle Mexican Grill (NYSE: CMG), Sodexo, 7-Eleven Inc., and Aramark (NYSE: ARMK).

Leanne Reis
PR Manager