California State University, Chico


Welcome to CSU Chico Tapingo courier information page!

Interested in becoming a courier at Chico?

We are always looking for friendly, hardworking couriers to help us deliver the area's best eats to campus and beyond!

Where to get your PEX card and delivery bag

Please text the lead courier at your campus to schedule a time and location to pick up your swag:

Nancy Hurtado
(619) 988-2634‬

Delivery Hours

Our delivery service will operate:

Sunday: 11am - 2am
Monday: 11am - 1am
Tuesday: 11am - 1am
Wednesday: 11am - 1am
Thursday: 11am - 2am
Friday: 11am - 2am
Saturday: 11am - 2am

Tapingo Pay

We are 100% committed to ensuring that your experience as a courier with Tapingo remains the best opportunity to earn great money on campus during hours that work for you! 

The Tapingo Delivery Team has partnered closely with many of you to define a new pay model that ensures that every delivery is worth your time, and that you are in control of how much you make. The bottom line is that you will now have the opportunity to earn even more money.

Base pay will be $3.00 per completed delivery PLUS pay boosts. Boosts will be communicated each week via the RX app or directly from your campus manager and are intended to reward couriers who are especially dedicated to serving our customers during periods of highest need.

This payment model provides a great way of rewarding you for being efficient and working during the times of greatest demand:

  • Per order Pay "Boosts" for orders completed during reserved hours**
  • Merchant "Boosts" and "Surge" increases

  • Special "Boost" incentive opportunities 

A courier must maintain 90% reliability (ie "attendance rate") for reserved hours in a given week in order to qualify fo Boost incentives.  A couriers reliability score is decreased when they drop hours without notice, fail to show for prior reserved hours, or fail to work the entirety of hours reserved.  An example of this calculation is shown below.  Couriers can see their Reliability Score within their RX app at any point.  This score is updated nightly, so there may be a difference in the score shown within the app compared to actual score during the time of providing services during a given day.  

Please note, there is no requirement for couriers to reserve hours in advance in order to accept delivery opportunities.  Couriers are free to make themselves available at any point to provide services; however, if couriers do choose to reserve hours in advance, customers and merchants are reliant on those couriers to fully work the hours reserved in order to provide quality service as outlined in the Delivery Services Agreement.  Couriers who repeatedly fail to follow through on the reserved hours, may lose the opportunity to participate in this aspect of the program.  

Reliability Score (ie "attendance rate") example:

A courier reserves 20 hours in a week.  The courier fails to show for 5 out of those 20 hours and fully works the other 15.  This courier would have a Reliability Score of 75% based on the calculation (15/20 = 75).  

** Update 2/13/2018: We encourage couriers to make the most efficient decisions that result in positive earnings for the courier while maintaining a high level of customer service.  As couriers "stack" higher amounts of orders, there may be a reduction in the $3.00 per completed delivery.  Couriers stacking multiple deliveries may see a $2.00 or $2.50 per order plus BOOSTs rather than $3.00.  This is to help ensure couriers are stacking orders that can be efficiently delivered and meeting customer expectations. 

Please read this Payment FAQ carefully for additional information.

If you need additional clarification, the Tapingo Delivery Team is always available to help you. We look forward to a fantastic semester.


We are here to help! Read our FAQ or email with any questions that you have, and a representative will contact you right away!

For escalated issues, courier events, and even other opportunities with Tapingo, you may contact your campus manager:

Matt -