Earn serious cash – during the times that work for you


Discover your campus and community while delivering the area's best eats!  There is a reason that delivering with Tapingo by car or bike is the best opportunity, with the most flexibility, around campus.  Tapingo couriers are rewarded based on smart decisions of when and how to work - the more you deliver, the more you get paid!  

Be in control of your own success- become a courier with Tapingo today!

Earn for every delivery completed plus pay boosts and surge earnings! 

Work the hours that make the most sense for your schedule and wallet!

Deliver from both on-campus dining options and off-campus restaurants!

Can I become a Courier? Yes, if...

1. You have a reliable vehicle that you can legally operate

(bicycle or car + US driver's license, car insurance & clean driving record)

2. You have a smartphone and are tech savvy enough to use an app

3. You pass a criminal background check

4. You're driven (get it? pun!), friendly, and ready to crush the delivery game