If there is a printer error, there are two things that we should check first:

  1. The LEDs at the front of the printer.
  2. What the LEDs do after turning off the printer and turning it back on. The power button for the printer is on the left side of the printer if the feed button is facing towards you.

If the light is only green, the printer is good to go.

If the light is a solid green and flashing red, then there might be an issue with the printer paper. 

How to troubleshoot the printer:

IP Printer:

  1. Turn off the printer.
  2. Unplug both the power cord as well as the LAN cable.
  3. Let the printer remain unplugged for 15 seconds.
  4. Plug both cables back in and turn the printer on while holding the feed button. 
    • The light at the front of the printer should be a solid green. If it is not, please unload and reload the printer paper. If done correctly, the printer should automatically cut a part out, and the light should return a solid green.
    • If the receipt says, "No Host Connection," please let us know at support@tapingo.com.
    • If the receipt has a long list of items, please check for "IP Address" at the top of the list, and respond to this email with the IP address.

Bluetooth Printer:

  1. The Active Cashier app should note that there is a Bluetooth printer issue if there is a red bar across the top of the screen stating that the Printer is disconnected. Please turn off the printer by toggling the switch on the left-hand side of the printer, and turn it back on. If the red bar still has not removed itself off of the Active Cashier screen, please proceed to Step 2. 
  2. On the Active Cashier, please go into Maintenance Mode. (If you do not have the Maintenance Mode password, please contact us at http://support@tapingo.com.  
  3. Once in Maintenance Mode, please go to the Home screen of the iPad and go to the Settings icon.
  4. Please check the Bluetooth tab and make sure that the printer is connected. The printer name should either have the restaurant name, merchant, or Star Micronics.

6. You know that the printer is paired when you see a blue LED in the back.

  • If you see a solid green, that means that the printer is open to pair.
  • If you see a flashing green, that means that the printer is pairing.
  • If you see a solid purple, that means that the auto-pair function is working, and that the printer is automatically going to pair with the printer in the future.

7. After all this is completed, please go back to Active Cashier, and check and see if the bar on top of the screen is green. 

  • To try a test print, please open the menu on the upper left-hand corner (the 3 horizontal lines), and select Connect Printer. 
  • Then, please select Test Print, and a piece of paper should print out.

8. If the red bar is still on top of the Active Cashier and says “Printer Disconnected…”, please contact support@tapingo.com with the restaurant name as well as the device number at the back of the iPad.



5. If the unit is not connected, please select the printer and connect it.

  • This may take more than one try as Bluetooth can be finicky. Please press the Pair button for 5 seconds at the back of the Bluetooth printer to help the pairing process.