September 13, 2017

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What's New?

This summer, we unveiled a new wage structure based on rewarding effort and aligning our delivery team’s incentives to the goal of being the very best delivery service for our customers.

This means paying per job completed + additional pay boosts for signing up for reserved hours. With this new update, we wanted to add more clarity around pay boosts when accepting reserved hours.

Now you can view pay boosts directly in the Rx app! Each set of reserved hours will have pay boosts displayed in the schedule tab. There are two types of pay boosts:

  1. Per order pay boost

  2. Per hour pay boost 

As a reminder, the pay boosts apply on top of the base wages. You can find the base wages for your market at

Questions? Contact your campus manager at any time. Thank you!


August 9, 2017

What's New?

This summer, the Tapingo Delivery team has been working on more improvements to the Rx app to make your on-the-road time easier. Earlier this summer, we released a new way to reserve hours within the Rx app directly.

Today, we want to let you know about new features in the Rx app that we prioritized based on courier feedback around communication and support. By moving the following support features into the RX app, we have made it easier and faster for you to resolve any issue while delivering orders on Tapingo.

Order Specific Issues: To streamline courier access to real-time help, we’ve expanded the options under ‘Order Issues’ in each order. This should be your ‘go to’ option when you have an issue with a specific order.

  1. PEX Fail

  2. Shop Closed

  3. Item Out of Stock

  4. Merchant Feedback

  5. Customer Feedback

  6. Menu Feedback

  7. Other Order Specific Issues

General Support: Couriers will also be able to contact support for general account issues from the ‘Accounts’ screen on the Rx app. In addition to FAQs and sending Crash Logs, couriers can contact support for:

  1. PEX Activation (new couriers)

  2. Clocking out early

  3. Payment Questions

  4. Other General Issues

  5. FAQs: Couriers will be able to access the FAQs quickly from every tab of the Rx app. The most common questions will be found here and we will continue to update this section with the most relevant information.

  6. Forgot Password?: Couriers can now seamlessly reset their password by selecting the ‘Forgot Password?’ option on the login screen. Additionally, new couriers can set up their first time password using this option!

Questions? Contact your campus manager at any time. Thank you!