Active Cashier Guide

Active Cashier: How to hard restart the iPad

Please press the 'Power' button on the upper left-hand side, and the 'Home' button on the center right-hand side and hold until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

Once the logo shows on the screen, please release the buttons.

How to go to Maintenance Mode

Please select the 'Menu' button on the upper left-hand side of the Active Cashier, and look for the 'Maintenance Mode' button on the left-hand side. Please select that option and a pop-up requesting a password will appear.

If you do not have the Maintenance Mode password, please contact or call 888-827-5055 to request the password.
Once the password has been accepted, the bar next to the 'Maintenance Mode' button will turn green, and the 'Sign Out' button will be available on the bottom left-hand side of the iPad.
When the 'Sign Out' button is visible, then you can press the Home button on the center right-hand side of the Active Cashier.

Checking the Settings for Network Connectivity

In the Settings page for the iPad, please check the left-hand side and see if both the Wi-Fi and Mobile Data options are turned on. Only one of these options should be on. If both are on, please select the option that has the strongest network connectivity at your location. You can always test the strength by going back to the home page and doing a random search on Safari.

Once this has been verified, please also check that the Bluetooth Printer is connected. The Bluetooth tab should be on, and the connected printer will have the word “merchant” in its name, or the restaurant’s name.

Active Cashier

Once these have all been checked out, please go back to the Active Cashier page, and first see if the green 'Status Normal' appears on the top of the screen. 

If after troubleshooting, you still see a red bar, or the venue is still showing as closed on the Tapingo app, please email or call us at 888-827-5055.